Our Breakout Spaces
Because the time away from your desk matters too.
After all, they give you a chance to relax, rewind and refresh - especially when
you’re in need of feeling a little creative. That’s why we’ve curated our breakout spaces
to give you a much needed break, whenever you need it.

Our Lounge

This. Is. The. Place. The perfect spot to grab a relaxed coffee, read a book or share a win with a fellow member, whilst basking under the rays of our original stained glass window.

As well as providing the perfect tonic to your work during the day, our lounge also doubles up as a perfect and intimate event space.

Our Kitchen

Set beneath a stunning vaulted ceiling, our kitchen comes fully equipped, together with complimentary, locally sourced, bean-to-cup coffee and hot chocolate. Accompanied by fresh flavoured water and a range of speciality teas, biscuits, fruit and cakes.

Our Spaces

Whether you’re looking for an informal meeting in one of our relaxed meeting rooms or you need to take a call in one of our dedicated phone booths, we have plenty of space to take a quick call, do a zoom-meeting or hold a face to face client catch-up. They all come fully kitted out with everything you need.

Our Snug

Still in need of more breakout space? Then why not check out our snug, located just off the kitchen, it provides a quiet space for informal meetups, with enough seats of 8-12 people.